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Tree Curriculum Guide (726KB)

Going Bush Part 1 (378KB)

Going Bush Part 2 (467KB)

Wildlife Corridor Scramble Game (6120KB)

Making Homes for Wildlife (442KB)

Our Habitat Research Project (876KB)

Ring around Plant Diversity (878KB)

What's Eating You? (877KB)

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Click here to download the Flora for Fauna Database
For Schools

The Flora for Fauna website is a great web site for schools to use throughout Australia.

Planting trees

Teachers can work with their students to develop plans for wildlife habitats in their school grounds. Students can easily create Flora for Fauna Garden Plans and then print and use them to guide school ground plantings.

There's plenty of information on Australian plants and animals, making the Flora for Fauna web site an excellent classroom resource.

This website was developed for the Flora for Fauna Program by the Gould League. The Gould League has also developed the award winning Wildscape web site a pilot program for Victorian Schools.

To visit Wildscape and other quality Gould League websites, please click here.

Useful and Interesting web sites and resources

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Environment Australia
Information for students and teachers on a variety of environmental issues, also provides activity ideas.

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Community Biodiversity Network
The Community Biodiversity Network (CBN) is a non-government, community-based network of Australian organisations promoting biodiversity. Visit here for education information.

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CSIRO Biodiversity
This site provides information on CSIRO's research into biodiversity.

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Queensland Department of Natural Resources
A great set of fact sheets covering forests, land, vegetation, water, pests and rivers.

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Bandicoot Valley
Interactive activity on endangered species

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Australian National Botanic Gardens
Visit this site for information on native plants and education programs.

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Greening Australia
Greening Australia is an organisation which is doing something practical about our country’s environmental problems. We are a national, community organisation that helps Australians to protect remnant vegetation; protect biodiversity; repair and prevent land degradation; improve water quality; and provide habitat for native fauna.

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Habitats and Ecosystem Information
Find out about the ecosystem in the area you live in. This site covers ecosystems throughout Australia.

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Natural Resources and Environment
NRE has significant responsibilities for the development, conservation and protection of Victoria's natural and cultural resources. Over 4000 staff deliver services to a diverse community and a wide range of stakeholders throughout the State.

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Parks and Gardens (Primary Activity Book)
Published by Gould League, contact us for more details.

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Queensland National Parks
Become a cyber ranger and learn about our national parks

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Trees for life
Trees For Life is a non-profit community group dedicated to revegetation and the protection of threatened and valuable bushland in South Australia.

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