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All about bird baths

Information courtesy of: Gould League

Bird baths on pedestals are surprisingly popular with birds. Perhaps an elevated bird bath provides an extra sense of protection, as birds are more vulnerable drinking at ground level.

Only ever buy a shallow birdbath, as some birds like to stand in the water as they splash and wash. A small bush next to the bird bath and a larger more open bush within a couple of metres, is ideal for shy birds slowly making their way to the bath.

Spend some time watching visitors to your bird bath. You will notice how slowly birds approach and how quickly they flit away at the first sign of an intruder or danger.

Keep the water clean, it is better for the birds and you will have fewer mosquitoes. For maximum enjoyment (for birds and people), place the bird bath near shrubs but position it so that it can be viewed from your living room or kitchen.

If at first birds don't use your bird bath, be patient and keep the water fresh. Although you may get regular visitors within a day, sometimes it can take months. Interestingly once birds start visiting, they usually keep coming back.

Larger ornamental ponds are not as popular with birds, unless there are lots of tadpoles.

Your Flora for Fauna Garden Centre will stock a wide range of bird baths. Ask them which would best suit you're your situation.

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