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After the fires - rebuilding the Wirreecoo Wildflower Garden

During Christmas 2001, bushfires burnt through the Lady Denman Heritage Complex in Huskisson on the NSW South Coast. Within the complex was the Lady Denman Garden created in 1985 by the Nowra Group of the Australian Plant Society. The fire nearly destroyed the garden with only a few plants surviving.

With enthusiasm and better knowledge, the group have started to design a new garden with the aim to make it even better than the previous one. One major change has been altering the name from Lady Denman Garden to Wirreecoo Wildflower Garden. There is also new theme for the garden - "Linking Local Flora to Fauna".

The group has secured a grant from Westpac 'Operation Backyard' to create two introductory signs which the Garden Committee have been busy designing.

Nowra Group Goordinator, Norman Webb, believes the new garden will play an important role in raising the public's awareness of the important role local plants play in the environment.

Watch this space for more details on rebuilding of the Wirreecoo Wildflower Gardens.

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